What’s The Best Disney Resort For Kids and Toddlers

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Disney World is the happiest place on Earth and kids love it (shocker I know). If you are planning a trip to Disney with your Kids then you might be wondering what is the best Disney Resort for kids and toddlers. Well that’s what we’ve set out to help you decide in this article. 

These Disney guest rooms are contained in over 25 resorts and villas across the property. Each place is themed to a specific location, idea, or subject. No matter who you are or what you like, you are bound to find at least one resort that you find appealing. This is true with different ages as well. What a 4 year old likes in a hotel may be vastly different than what an 80 year old couple like. Good thing Disney took this into account when designing the resorts. There are a few resorts that were designed with children in mind, and I’d like to go over those.

The Top 5 Best Disney Resort For Kids and Toddlers

Here are the top 5 resorts and we will start with number 5:

5. The Contemporary

I chose The Contemporary for my number 5 pick for two main reasons. The first is that this resort is located VERY close to the Magic Kingdom. In fact, there is no bus transportation to this park from The Contemporary. You can only take the Resort Monorail or walk along the path. From the Magic Kingdom gates to The Contemporary lobby, it only takes about 10 minutes. And because this resort is so close, the view from the guest rooms are spectacular. The Contemporary is the ONLY resort that has rooms that overlook a theme park, namely the Magic Kingdom. This is advantageous because theme park view guest rooms have unprecedented access to see the nightly fireworks shows over Cinderella’s Castle. If you turn the TV on in your room, Disney plays the music from the fireworks show on a specific channel to listen to as you watch. You would want to choose a guest room in the Bay Lake Tower for the best view. The second reason kids really like The Contemporary is the monorail stop. This resort was built around the monorail track, so the monorail travels through and stops inside the lobby! When I first saw this as a kid, I was hooked. I had never seen such a cool mode of transportation, let alone one that flew through our hotel!


4. The Beach Club

I really love The Beach Club for its beachy decor. What kid doesn’t love going to the beach? The blue and white palette is whimsy, bright, and full of coastal spirit. The guest rooms were recently renovated within the last couple of years and they are truly beautiful. Children will also enjoy the recreation, specifically, the pool called Stormalong Bay.  This swimming pool is shared with the guests staying at sister resort The Yacht Club, and has restricted access to only those guests that the two resorts (it’s that popular). Character dining also is appealing to kids at The Beach Club at Cape May Cafe. It is buffet-style with mostly seafood-based choices. The character interactions are are done very well there.



3. Animal Kingdom Lodge

I was able to stay at AKL (Animal Kingdom Lodge) last year and it was amazing. Although the food was a little more on the adventurous side, children are sure to love one thing – the animals. If your guest room overlooks the Savannah, you can walk onto your balcony and see wild and exotic animals roaming around outside the resort. Where else can you see a zebra right below your hotel balcony in the United States? The decor looks very authentic as well. Kids will also love the resort pools. The Samawati Pool at Kidani Village has a fairly big slide, plus it is zero entry on one side. You’ll also find that kids love the water playground nearby the pool area.


2. All Star Resorts

I am clumping all of the All-Star resorts together, as they are almost identical, less the specific theming. The big draw for the All-Star resorts is the larger-than-life structures displaying the particular theme. For All-Star Movies, for example, kids love seeing the giant Pongo and Perdita dog structures from 101 Dalmations. There are also at least 2 pools at each resort and plenty of pool-themed activities throughout the day. For parents, staying here with their kids is ideal for the simplicity, low price, and theming.


1. Disney’s Art of Animation

When considering my number one resort that would appeal to kids and toddlers the most, Art of Animation was a no-brainer. It is the newest addition to the entire Disney resort, hotel wise. Kids love the guest rooms and the theming. Currently, the rooms represent films The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Finding Nemo, and Cars. The Little Mermaid rooms are strictly standard rooms with 2 queen beds that only sleep 4, but the other rooms are family suites. These suites can sleep up to 6 people and are arranged with young kids in mind. There is a bedroom for the parents, a pull-out sofa that sleeps 2 in the living area, and also a murphy bed in the kitchenette area, just big enough for 2 small children.

There’s also 2 bathrooms too! As far as recreation, you can’t beat the Finding Nemo pool. Swimming underwater, you’ll be able to hear the music piped in through the pool speakers! It’s also the largest resort pool on property. The Landscape of Flavors food court is quite popular with children (and adults!) because of the variety of choices and quality of the food. Art of Animation also boasts those larger-than-life structures like the All-Star resorts, but they are scaled down a bit and guests can get closer and interact with them better, making them less intimidating. All-in-all, I think kids would definitely choose this resort as their favorite.

Stay At Deluxe Resorts At A Great Price

A great tip that we have been using for years and one that can save you a lot of money when staying at Deluxe Disney World Resorts is to rent points from DVC (Disney Vacation Club) members. By renting points to stay on Disney property you can save up to half off rack room rates sometimes, making it a great bargain. The easiest way to do this is through David’s Vacation Club Rental’s

They have been around for over 10 years and they make the whole process easy and if you have any questions their friendly customer support will help you out. We’ve used them many times and highly recommend them to anyone looking to rent points. 



You may have your own opinions of which resorts are the best for children as all Disney resorts are great for all ages, so kids will enjoy their hotel stays anywhere. However, narrowing the choices down to 5 like I did should give you a better idea of the specific qualities of certain resorts that make them more appealing to children. Also if you’ve got kids going with you then you may be interested in our review of the best Disney resort pools, check it out!

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By Jamie Lee

Jamie is a lifelong Disney fanatic that has been going to Disney parks since she was a child. She is the head writer here at Capture The Magic & co-host of the Capture The Magic Podcast. When she isn’t planning her next Disney vacation, she can be found helping people plan their own Disney vacations and enjoying quality time with her family.

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