What’s The Best Disney Resort for Adults/Couples?

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Have you ever heard non-Disney fans say, “Disney is just for kids. Why do you keep going back?” I know I have heard this many times. These people don’t get that Disney is for any age! Which is why we have wrote this article about what is the best Disney resort for adults & couples.

While it is true that both the old and young can have a great time at Disney World, there are certain experiences that are pegged for particular age groups. For example, most very young children probably won’t be interested in the Hall of Presidents since it requires sitting and listening for about 30 minutes. On the other hand, most couples (without children) would avoid the Magic Carpets of Aladdin or Dumbo. There are also Disney hotels that are geared more toward adults than children. That’s what I want to focus on in this article.

Disney has built over 25 resorts on their property since 1971. They started with three and have expanded consistently since then (although we could use a new one now, as the last new resort opened in 2012). Some resorts are more appealing to adults than children, and vice versa. If you are traveling without children, as a couple, or in a adult group, there are 5 resorts that I think we be most appealing to you:

5. The Boardwalk Inn

I have included two Boardwalk area resorts on the list, and The Boardwalk Inn I assigned as my number 5. The Boardwalk Inn sits right on the Boardwalk, hence the name, and is very convenient to access restaurants, bars, and street entertainment. The ESPN Club is the perfect place to drink a beer and watch some sports. It is also the only resort to have a microbrewery, creating many different types of beer in-house. It’s also a hop, skip, and a jump from the International Gateway entrance to EPCOT, which is fantastic for quick access to events like the Food & Wine Festival and The Flower & Garden Festival. Adults also seem to like the turn-of-the-century Atlantic City decor of the rooms. Also, the Boardwalk is home to the only dedicated dance night clubs on Disney property: Atlantic City Dance Hall and Jellyrolls

4. Port Orleans French Quarter & Riverside

I couldn’t decide which of the two Port Orleans hotels would be better suited for couples and adults, so I’ll go with both of them. The recreation and decoration is what is really appealing. There is a jazz bar, cajun and creole style restaurant, carriage rides, and beautiful grounds. I love the iron and French-inspired balconies and walkways in the guest room buildings. You are able to take a boat to Disney Springs from these resorts, where you’ll find ample shopping and dining opportunities. You’ll notice that this is the only Moderate resort on my list, so this should tell you how popular these resorts are.

3. The Polynesian Village

As one of the original resorts in 1971, The Polynesian Village is steeped in nostalgia for older adult guests. From the stone floor in the Ceremonial House, to the lighting of the dark wood, the decor will take you back to a different Disney era. The location is also great, being super close to the Ticket and Transportation Center and the Magic Kingdom. But my favorite thing, as an adult? Trader Sam’s! It’s an ultra-themed, Tiki-inspired bar experience. It’s hard to ever find a table, but the food and drinks are so fun! The Polynesian Village is also one of the stops on the “Monorail Crawl,” where you hop from resort to resort on the Resort Monorail line by the Magic Kingdom and visit the bars and restaurants from each place. Very cool if you want taste a little bit of everything, while also seeing the resort lobbies and meeting new people.

2. The Yacht Club

I debated on whether to put this as the number 2 resort, but there are a couple factors that make this resort one of the top hotels for adults and couples. It is a convention hotel, so you’ll see a good amount of business men and women around the lobby, restaurants, and bars. The decor is quite nautical with lots of whites and navy blue colors that are simple and not too fussy. It’s also the sister resort of the Beach Club, where the two resorts are actually connected. So you can walk from one to the other through the interior common areas. This is important because children tend to favor the Beach Club over the Yacht Club for the reasons I just mentioned, and there is no kid’s club at the Yacht Club either. I’ve heard people describe Yacht Club as “stuffy” or “not too flashy,” two child detractors for sure. And even though this would appeal to both adults and kids, the The Stormalong Bay pool is fantastic!

1. The Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

And for my number one pick, I went with the most luxorious (and expensive) resort on Disney property. “The Grand,” as it’s called by locals and Disney fans, is very grand indeed. The Victorian era style creates a romantic and classic feel. The lobby is absolutely breathtaking and quite captivating to couples. There are many choices in dining, one of which is the 5 diamond restaurant, Victoria & Albert’s. Very rarely will you see a child dining in this restaurant, for there is a dress code, delicate food choices, and high prices. The Grand also boasts one of the only spas located on Disney property. Nothing says being an adult like getting pampered! It is also the location of the Disney Wedding Pavilion, the most popular place to have a wedding ceremony at Disney World (of course, you can now get married in front of the castle, but the price is astronomical, so most couples choose the pavilion). You also can’t beat its proximity to the Magic Kingdom. Just hop on the monorail and you are there in minutes!

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By Jamie Lee

Jamie is a lifelong Disney fanatic that has been going to Disney parks since she was a child. She is the head writer here at Capture The Magic & co-host of the Capture The Magic Podcast. When she isn’t planning her next Disney vacation, she can be found helping people plan their own Disney vacations and enjoying quality time with her family.

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